HELP Rohingya message to Daw Suu, Sydney Opera House

Last Wednesday (2013/11/27), the Sydney Opera House was packed with Burmese, Karen & Mons wearing their traditional costumes i.e. sarongs. I'm told the Kachins have officially boycotted the event, so some came in anyway wearing Burmese sarongs. The organiser commented that the Opera House is like a 'big Burmese village'. With all the traditional Burmese pomps & accolades being accorded to Daw Suu, their democracy idol.

My friends might ask is there any chance of meeting Daw Suu in person, shake hands and then deliver a very important message to her?

Aung San Suu Kyi visit Sydney 2013, Help Rohingya Message Well, as a grassroot activist, the closest I can get to do all this is like this. That was such a pity; unlike any public meetings in an ordinary hall, the lights over the audience inside Sydney Opera House were usually out, so Daw Suu cannot see my banner 'Daw Suu. Plz HELP Rohingyas'.

Sorry folks. This message wasn't getting through directly to Daw Suu on Wednesday.

Daw Suu Plz Help Rohingyas