Written by U Ne Oo on 2000-07-17

To all our friends on Internet:

Please help write/fax letter to President Clinton about the escalating drug production and traffickion and trafficking at the Golden Triangle in Burma. Please also urge him and US Congress to take appropriate measure to curb the money laundering by the Burmese junta and drug kingpins; and ask him to raise these matters at the forthcoming G-8 Summit in Tokyo.

Attacks on drug money launderers will be alot more complex, and less efficient, in comparison to directly eliminating the illicit drugs at their source. Nevertheless, in the absence of international community practically taking actions on thesections on these drug refineries and mathamphetamine laboratories in Shan State, the move on drug money launderers is only of complementary in its purpose. As Clinton Administration would be retiring by the end of this year, this assignment may likely to have been the last one for us to register with them.

Dr U Ne Oo

18 Shannon Place

Adelaide SA 5000


May 31, 2000

President William Clinton

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

Washington DC 20500

United States of America

Dear Mr President:

I call Mr President�s attention to the political impasse in Burma. Despite serious efforts made by the United Nations Secretary-General and international community, the military junmunity, the military junta shows no sign of moving towards negotiation with the National League for Democracy. I am very concerned by recent arrest of one of the leading member of Committee Representing the People�s Parliament and that the regime may be moving to completely annihilate the opposition. I therefore appeal to the Government of United States to step up pressure in the following areas:

In closing, I thank you for your kind attention to these matters. The continuing help by you, Government of United States and Congress to our struggle for democracy in Burma have been most appreciated by the Burmese people.

Yours respectfully and sincerely,

Sd. U Ne Oo.


Dr U Ne Oo

July 3, 2000

Madeleine K Albright

Secretary of State

United States Department of State

Washington DC 20520, USA

Dear Secretary Albright:

Re: Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering Problems in Burma

I firstly would like to commend the US Government�s early last month initiatives to curb the activities of drug traffickers. As you are no doubt aware, Burmese military junta and their associatnta and their associate drug kingpins have for some time been involved in drug trafficking and money laundering. It is about time for international community to take concerted effort to counter such illegal activities.

Enclosed is the report, �Burma: Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering�, in which I urge the international community, especially to the member countries of the FATF and APG, to undertake recommended measures against the Burmese military junta and drug kingpins. We � the Burmese people � are counting on US Government and Congress, especially the US State Department Bureau of Narcotics, to take leading role in implementing these measures. Please help us on these matters.

On this occasion, I especially like to thank you for you personally helping to present Aung San Suu Kyi�s speech at the Warsaw Democracy Conference late last month. It is reassuring to all of us that the United States will stand along with us all the ways through our struggle until we achieve democracy.

Yours respectfully and sincerely,

U spectfully and sincerely,

U Ne Oo

Copy to:

1. Rand Beers, Assistant Secretary for Narcotics Affairs, US Department of State.

Letter to President Clinton and Secretary Albright