Written by U Ne Oo on 2008-08-30

This weekend alone, the continuing anti-occupation resistance in Iraq has resulted 8 U.S. soldiers death. The total American death toll is now more than 2,600 along with countless many Iraqi citizens. These death tolls, along with the ensuing level of violence in Iraq have been the indicators of the determination with which the Iraqi resistance groups are prepared to undertake action in expelling occupying forces from their soil.

The recent step up of violent attacks (see AP and GLW reports) also indicate that the Iraq's main Shiite groups -- thus far excercised restraint in attacking occupying troops -- may already have been staging armed resistance.


Whilst many citizens of the world shared grave concerned about continuing civilian and military deaths in Iraq, those in U.S. Administration who are in charge of political decision making seek no plan to exit from Iraq. The U.S. Administration has been totally ignorant about anti-colonialist resistence throughout the world's history. Simply put: the neo-cons and George 'Dumb' Bush hasn't got a clue about the determination of the Iraqi resistance.


Of course, the willingness to resist the occupying powers exists in every Iraqi individuals. Never the less, the core group of Iraqi patriots (dubbed terrorists), who are resisting the well-armed and advanced army with I.E.Ds and roadside bombs simply made the point of their determination to expel foreign powers. These IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) are merely primitive by any military standards -- though no less deadlier.


Current Iraqi armed resistance is much to the woe of American Neo-cons American Century', the U.S. seeing itself as sole 'Global Power', has set out to militarily dominate the world by "engaging in multiple battles at once". With current quagmire in Iraq, such a dangerous plan now become a sad piece of Neo-con policy, so to speak.


Not admitting though, th U.S. Administration may be witnessing itself falling apart in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Administration is unlikely to devise an exit plan from Iraq. So too, the axis of imperialist evils - US, Great Britain and Australia -- are not about to move an inch on the withdraw plan from Iraq.


As the grassroots anti-war activists, we may well speak out loud against injustice in Iraq. Then again, these neo-con evils will continue to ignore our voices. Our best hope lie with the OPEC countries raising their activities to pressure the imperialist evils.


In the last couple of months, the Oil price from OPEC is below $70.00 (normally referred to it in the industry as 'OPEC basket Oil'). Given that price, there will be a large margin even if OPEC would just raise its oil price to the level of market speculated values of $75-80 USD/Barrel. We must advocate the OPEC countries to raise their oil price to such level until American troops withdraw from Iraq.

The raising of OPEC Oil price will surely put economic pressure on US/UK/AU governments. Because of the volatility of the oil market, even a few individual oil supplier countries taking unilateral action can cause certain short-term impact. Long term impact will not be as clearly visible, however. It would take some time until those evils hear our voices.


In such situation as the injustice in Iraq and the people in need of help, we, the citizens of the world can take action more than one way. According to ancient Buddhist scriptures, there are three possible means for helping someone in need:

1. With your power of mind -- such as prayer for the people; 2. With the power of your voice -- speaking out and calling for help; 3. Or with the power of your hand and body.

Let's do good deed in helping the Iraqi people: Iraq must be liberated.

In solidarity, U Ne Oo.

OPEC urged to take action on Iraq