Written by U Ne Oo on 2004-04-18

There is an interesting analysis by Aung Naing Oo (courtesy Mizzima News) about recent media speculation about Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's release. The release of U Aung Shwe and U Lwin few days ago does not raise any prospect for the release of Daw Suu. It rather indicates the manipulative junta will continue to detain Daw Suu and U Tin Oo for a foreseeable future.

Regarding with Daw Suu's release, there is no concrete sign or any formal statement made by the junta outside media speculations. There was the case of UN Envoy Razali Ismail expressing his hope about Daw Suu's release, presumably when reporters asked. Unfortunately, this is as close as one can get any "official" source about Daw Suu's release. All others remains, disturbingly, just media speculation (spin) and more media speculations (spins).


At a much more practical level, creating prospect of the release of Daw Suu does make some advantage for the Junta. This will make "politically lazy" Burmese activists, along with even more "un-initiated UNCHR", to take a step back and sit and wait. Creating prospect for Daw Suu's release is important -- especially in time the Commission on Human Rights meeting has taken place (March-April) and the Special Rapporteur was not allowed to get into Burma to complete his report -- in order to avoid certain new measures might have been initiated by any members of CHR. In the end, Junta can still avoid releasing Daw Suu in the context that she chose to remain being under detention (Remember last November, same scenerio, Daw Suu remained in detention unless every one of 1,350 political prisoners in Burma are free).

Sorry folks. You've been tricked by clever military junta once again. Not a good new year message from me.

Regards, U Ne Oo.

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